At Lysterfield Primary School, we provide an education which allows our students to succeed in Mathematics at school, as well as in their everyday lives. We believe Mathematics is learnt developmentally, through the acquisition of skills and understanding of broad concepts.

All classrooms provide a differentiated Mathematics curriculum, which caters for each student at their level, allowing all students to progress in their own understanding. Throughout the school, Maths is taught and learnt individually, in small cooperative groups, and in whole class settings. Maths is explored through games and real world applications which result in the students being heavily engaged in their learning while developing deeper conceptual understandings.

In the Foundation and Junior School, the focus is on understanding Maths through concrete materials. Concepts are introduced and explored by playing with a large variety of materials including unifix blocks, teddies and counters. As students move into the Middle School, concepts are further developed through materials such as MAB (place value) blocks, fraction pies and number expanders, as well as through symbolic and abstract recording. Once students move into the Senior School, they engage in higher order Mathematical thinking and reasoning through the use of problem solving and open ended tasks, which allow them to apply and refine the concepts they have developed through their schooling thus far.