Middle School Urban Camp

Middle School camp

On October 26th, three buses filled with a group of highly excited, if a little nervous, Grade 3 and 4 students and their teachers left for three days to go on a Melbourne Urban Camp.  A fantastic three days was had by all with visits to Polly Woodside, Chinese Museum, MCG, Eureka Tower, Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Cook's Cottage, Immigration Museum and a Yarra Cruise.


Here are some beautifully written and entertaining reflections from some of our students.


Cooper F 
"On Monday 26th October we went to the gym to find out our bus groups.  I was in bus 2.  Then we all said goodbye to our parents.  It was really hard and it made me really, really nervous.  After, we got on the bus.  Our bus driver’s name was Steve.  Then the 3 buses left, we were officially on camp!

Immigration Museum – Bus 2s first stop was the Immigration Museum.  A man called Sam took us to a room and he showed us some PowerPoints from the 1970s where a lot of people immigrated from Vietnam to Australia (At the time the Vietnamese war was going on)." Read more


Cooper W

"WOW! Excited and nervous at the same time for my first school camp.  I rocked up at school at 8:20 feeling nervous and jolly.  Then 3/4 got invited into the gym.  I found out I was in Bus 3.  When we were in the bus, I sat next to Kyle.  We talked about all kinds of stuff.  We arrived at the MCG.  When we first walked we met out tour guide (don’t know the name).  He lead us to the Ground, then told us he was a TIGERS SUPPORTER.  POOR GUY.  He lead us to the Tigers change rooms.  It was amazing.  Well, Geelong’s is WAY better.  We saw a rat run across the room.  We went to the lockers.  He told us to sit in front of our favourite player’s number.  I went straight to 14 for Selwood. Next we went to the seats where O’Donnell hit a six. WOW!" Read more


"I was so excited for camp.  On 26th of Oct 2015 I went to the city for camp.  

We firstly stopped at Melbourne Discovery (where we slept) to take our suitcase up to Level 3. But before taking our suitcase up, we got told who we were sharing a room with. I was with Paige and Anabelle.  Going up stairs with a really HEAVY suitcase is HARD (my suitcase flipped like 10 times).


Later Bus 2 went to the Immigration Museum.  We went into a room where a man told us why other people from other countries came to Australia.  He told us how tiny the boats were that they used to get to Australia and how many people went in the tiny boat.  Heaps of people went on the boat at a time.  Then he told about a Vietnamese is called Cuc, Cuc who came to Australia.  Then we dressed up.  I dressed up as a Chinese person.  Later we all got a mini paper suitcase that had questions about different rooms."