Challenge Program

Challenge Program


The Lysterfield Primary School Challenge Program offers selected students support to extend their individual potential and ability through appropriate academic programs. We identify, nurture and support those students who demonstrate that they are highly able, but also understand that there are varying degrees of achievement levels and provide a range of extension programs that caters for such differences in a rigorous, dynamic and challenging environment.

Our program offers students:

  • The opportunity to socially interact with other like-minded children;
  • An intellectually rigorous and challenging program based on extension;
  • The opportunity to develop higher order process skills and in-depth investigation skills;
  • The opportunity to work on open-ended activities that encourage choice and negotiation; and
  • Self/peer evaluation and reflection upon performance.


Cumulatively these dimensions of the program develops important attributes and skills that foster individual learning, the development of confidence, critical thinking, higher-level conceptual ability, communication skills and problem solving abilities. These are pivotal to developing the dynamic, flexible and creative thinking that will contribute to success in education and define our future leaders.


The structure of program:

  • Small group work projects with a primarily language or mathematical based focus;
  • Research: Individual Inquiries on designated questions;
  • Oral Language Enrichment (extend vocabulary, public speaking);
  • Multi age group work; and
  • Peer teaching.