For people who haven’t heard about ‘Circles Time’ or who are unfamiliar with this program, below is the underlying philosophy and an outline of the program.

This time brings teachers and children together in an enjoyable atmosphere of cooperation.
Each fortnight children from all grades come together to sit in a circle to take part in games and activities designed to increase:
1. Understanding and valuing of self
2. Understanding and valuing of others
3. Positive relations
As children learn more about themselves and each other, a warm supportive group atmosphere is built along with improved relationships.

Self esteem is a measure of how children feel about themselves, and is reflected in their behaviour.
Children who have high self esteem in the classroom are more likely to:

  • Take pride in their success
  • Be optimistic
  • Enjoy learning
  • Manage their emotions
  • Help others

Children who have low self esteem are more likely to;

  • Avoid challenges
  • Be emotionally unpredictable
  • Feel different
  • Be pessimistic
  • Lack confidence

Circle time:

  • Children are equally valued
  • Everyone is accepted
  • All games are cooperative
  • Everyone has equal opportunity to contribute
  • Non threatening
  • Encourages thoughtful reflection

Our circle time is every second Thursday after lunch.
There are 23 groups. All class teachers, the Principal and Assistant Principal plus specialist teachers run the groups.
Groups have a mixture of Prep to Year Six students.

Jenny Deayton & Bruce Barnard.