Visual Arts



I liked doing a rhinoceros and doing eye dropping in art. I had fun doing eye dropping with the eyedroppers and getting all different colours. - Hayden 


 “We had to draw something from the three little pigs.”

“We had to do a wolf or a pig.”


“We used charco...”

“...charcoal to make Little Red Riding Hood.”

“We made patterns with colours for Jack and the Beanstalk.” - Scarlett and Jasmine 


 Art has been really fun and creative and lots of people love art. - Taylah 


"Art has been very good this term and it has been very fun and it has been very, very, VERY artish and CREATIVE!" - Ben 


"Art’s been the best this year. I love art. We’re working on a project on healthy lifestyles and people being healthy. We’re doing campaigns to get people getting up and getting active" - Imogen 


"In the art room I enjoyed making things. We had to make a picture of someone famous. I printed a picture of Admiral Nelson and then I used a computer app and I printed out lots of little pictures of ships and I’m going to stick them on a piece of paper. Then I’m going to rule a grid on Admiral Nelson and look at A1 and A2 and everything to paint the Victories"


"In the art room I enjoyed doing self-portraits and I enjoyed making the notables thing. You print out a picture of the notable then draw a grid all over it and then you use an app to print out little pictures of something to do with the notable person. Then you stick them on and you colour them in to make it look like the notable person. I enjoy using the aquarelle pencils" 



Lysterfield Primary School's students will be experimenting with many different materials and resources and exploring various artistic styles and techniques.

The art room this year is going to be a very interesting place to be!


Sean Zachariah