Welcome to Lysterfield PS

Lysterfield Primary School will provide a positive and safe learning environment that caters for a variety of learning styles. Our objective is to develop confident, well adjusted, resilient, life long learners capable of being responsible for their own opinions and actions whilst being positive contributors to the global society and a sustainable environment.


 Lysterfield Primary School places a strong emphasis on the holistic and integrated education of all students of all abilities. We strive to ensure learning is enjoyable, challenging and engaging.

At Lysterfield Primary School we place a particular emphasis on understanding your individual child’s learning style and supporting them to achieve to the best of their ability. We do this through an integrated program of classroom activity and specialist support at all academic levels.

Students have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that aim to foster the development of both individual and team excellence. These include the Creative Arts, Sporting teams, Sustainability and Academic extension and intervention programs. Student leaders are elected and given ongoing training throughout their tenure. These activities are viewed as a vital accompaniment to the Lysterfield Primary School experience.

Lysterfield School Teaching Staff undergo constant professional development activities aimed at ensuring their continuous development and improvement as educators. School staff have a vast array of educational experiences both in Australia and abroad. All teachers are keen to engage with parents to ensure the best possible tailoring of an approach to the individual student and to enhance their opportunities for future success.

Lysterfield views information technology and computer literacy as vital to the future academic and professional success of students. Students develop a wide variety of skills in the use of ICT including the internet and use of computers to develop new forms of creative thinking and expression. The School also enjoys excellent outdoor facilities including the synthetic athletics track and vast open space for play.

Lysterfield Primary School is exceptionally proud of the community spirit that pervades every level of the educational experience and believes this sets the school apart on many fronts. Our school is supported by neighbours, local businesses and wider members of the community who deeply value children, take pride in the school’s history and maintain community assets through ongoing working bees, school board participation and other events.

At Lysterfield Primary School we view the journey to be as important as the destination. We work to develop our students holistically and to foster the development of the base elements of excellence that will serve our students in their future undertakings.